Are You Ready to Double Down on Your Success?

–By Mike McKenney
Our focus at Intelisys has always been providing strategic resources to our Sales Partners to help them reach the highest levels of excellence. The idea for our Strategic Supplier Sales Program was born 18 months ago when we asked, “What can we do together to make transformative changes in our Sales Partners businesses?”
The answer was simple: harness the power of relationships, help our Sales Partners work more strategically with Supplier Partners, and drive maximum and measurable incremental revenue.
Looking back over the last 18 months, the results have been incredible. In 2015, Intelisys paid out $1,382,821 in Spiffs. In 2016 Intelisys paid out $4,875,274 in Spiffs. That’s an increase of nearly $4 million, or 253% in only one year!
How have our Sales Partners achieved so much success? We told our Supplier Partners, “Give them more!”
Supplier resources are limited, and the Strategic Supplier Sales Program allows them to focus incremental resources and prioritize them for the benefit of Sales Partners who are featuring their solutions. The result: maximum sales velocity to help them grow their business. For example, Sales Partners can leverage customized incentive plans and Spiffs based on commitment and performance, on top of current incentives, with no quotas to meet.
Through informative and collaborative meetings, our Sales Partners have access to dedicated personnel resources, as well as inside sales tips and secrets to help boost their close rate. The personal relationships, and executive sponsorship and support on large deals, has strengthened the relationships built through the program.
In turn, Sales Partners are growing their businesses exponentially and are building long-lasting, happy relationships with their end-user customers.
I am excited for what the future holds for our Partners and the channel. The channel is experiencing explosive growth, opening incredible opportunities for our Sales Partners. Intelisys is committed to supporting you, as you double down on your success in 2017.
About the Author
Mike McKenney is the Vice President, Supplier Sales for Intelisys, and is responsible for creating original revenue driving programs for new and existing Supplier Partners in the Intelisys portfolio. If you are interested in learning more about the Strategic Supplier Sales Program, please contact Mike at 916.580.1656 or
How to Win Big with the Strategic Supplier Sales Program
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