Ask the Experts: Cloud Application Management Strategy

Welcome to Ask the Experts, brought to you by In this video, Intelisys’ SVP Cloud Transformation Andrew Pryfogle talks about how cloud plays into customers’ application management strategy with Dante Gordon, the Regional Channel Director for NaviSite, a Time Warner Cable Company. Find out more about application management and cloud strategy from Dante and the Time Warner Cable Company/NaviSite team here:

Andrew: All right guys, we’re pressing ahead. Our next session is an Ask the Experts session with one of our smart guys from one of our cloud suppliers. We’re talking about NaviSite, which is a Time Warner Cable company. Please welcome Dante Gordon, Regional Channel Director for NaviSite. Dante, thanks for coming to the party, my friend.
Dante: Andrew, thank you for having me, as always.
Andrew: All right, very cool. Dante, you’re part of our faculty here at the University. We wanted to ask you one question about cloud. We’ve been talking about how to develop a cloud strategy in these sessions, and I wanted to talk to you specifically about this idea of application management. How does application management fit into an overall cloud strategy for a customer? Speak to that real quick.
Dante: Yeah, absolutely. I actually might ask the question differently. It’s how does cloud play into an application management strategy? I’ll tell you a little bit about … and this is something near and dear to NaviSite. Application management is one of our key pillars of service. We’ve been in the application management space for more than 15 years. When we deployed our own cloud computing platform a little over four years ago, it really enabled us to transform how we went about the practice of application management for our clients.
I’ll talk to a few of those benefits. First, we were able to really accelerate the amount of time it took to onboard users. It no longer took 4 to 6 weeks to provision the application for use by the client. Now we could shorten that interval down to days. It also brought in the ability to have business continuity and disaster built into that process. We didn’t have to worry about building out a separate environment from an infrastructure perspective. It was a part of the cloud compute platform.
Andrew: This has become a key part of your practice there at NaviSite. Is it short-sighted for customers to think about moving all their data, all their applications to the cloud without thinking through application management?
Dante: I think absolutely. I mean, any company deploying a cloud strategy for the business should be really looking across the board at all of their applications and think about within those applications, are there benefits to leveraging a cloud computing platform? Do those applications need to be available 7 by 24? Again, there’s a key dependence on the actual underlining infrastructure. Do you need to be able to rapidly provision? Is CAPEX an issue when you need to grow, you’re doing acquisitions? So absolutely it is a vital part of any cloud strategy to think about your applications, and the management of those applications.
Andrew: All right, very cool. I love that one of our esteemed faculty is also working remote with a little yapper dog in the background. I love it. What kind of dog do you have? I’m a dog guy.
Dante: It’s actually a mixed breed. It’s a poodle-terrier.
Andrew: All right, excellent. I have a labradoodle. So hey, those poodle mixes are always fun.
Dante: Nice.
Andrew: Hey, this has been great stuff. Say hello to your dog, and Dante, it’s great to have your wisdom as part of this. Thank you. Guys, that’s Dante Gordon. He’s the Regional Channel Director for NaviSite, a Time Warner Cable company, and one of our go-to cloud providers. Really strong in the application management space as it kind of coexists with a cloud strategy. Really important thing to be thinking about. Make sure that you check out NaviSite’s learning center, and make sure that you be on the lookout for more insights from our friend Dante. Dante, thanks for the time.
Dante: Andrew, I appreciate it as always.
Andrew: You bet. Good selling, guys.