Ask the Experts: Top 5 VoIP Features to Increase Productivity

Welcome to Ask the Experts, brought to you by In this video, Star2Star Communications’ SVP, Master Agent and Wholesale Sales, Skip Lane discusses the top five VoIP features that increase productivity and enhance efficiency. Find out more about hybrid VoIP solutions from Skip and the Star2Star team here:

Thank you for attending the Cloud Services University. This is the UCaaS certification training. My name is Skip Lane. I’m a Senior Vice President, Master Agent and Wholesale Sales for North America for Star2Star Communications.
Today we’re going to talk about the top five features that drive efficiency in the business environment. Starting off, number one would be the “Find Me – Follow Me” feature, which allows everyone to be able to have their phone calls follow them around to their home, to their other offices, as well as their cell phones, all programmable by the end user.
Second feature would be very efficient use of voicemail showing up in your emails. That’s a voicemail to email feature that everyone uses quite frequently and regularly. So all of your voicemails are deposited in one place for easy retracting.
The third would be simultaneous ring and/or sequential ring, where you can have your phones ring–your cell phone, your home, your other offices–simultaneously or you can ring them in order of your desire. It rings your office first, then your cell phone, then your yacht, and then your home, if that’s the way you would like.
The fourth feature that is very common of VoIP–and it is very much an efficiency driver for most businesses today–would be the ability to change your settings on the fly, anywhere from the internet, anywhere on planet Earth. So that you can come in as a user and change those features anytime you’d like, as well as as often as you’d like–and, of course, at no cost to the end user. Very common, very efficient and very productive.
The fifth one would be to allow the business to be able to change their personal auto attendant at the end user level, as well as the business auto attendant; and change the office hours, which could be due inclement weather, it could be due to holidays, it could be due to seasonal fluctuations, etc. That is very efficient for any business, as well as cost-effective. They don’t have to roll a truck to do that and have a technician come onsite, or have a technician do it at all. The business administrator can do that completely on the fly, real-time, from anywhere on the planet Earth as long as they have internet access.
Those are the top five VoIP features that we commonly see that drive efficiency in any business.
You probe and find out how your customer does these functions today. Are they able to do them themselves, number one, and number two, do they have to have their technician come onsite or remote to make these changes? How much does it cost? How long does that take? As well as being able to accommodate the mobile workplace with people working from home several days. And therefore, asking the business: how do they do business? How do they operate? How do they service their clients? How do they service their employees, as well as all of their vendors, and communicate with them?
Cloud services allow them to make these changes on the fly; to set up certain ring groups on the fly for vendors, customers, etc. And to look for opportunities–particularly with multi-location customers–where the client and the business is going to be focused on these changes to drive increased productivity and increased efficiency. And thus, achieving an overall communication solution at a lower cost.
These are the top five VoIP features that Star2Star recommends for all of their small businesses, multi-location and other, that increase productivity, enhance efficiency. You can always go to the Star2Star microsite on the Intelisys website to get further information. Thank you.