Ask the Experts: What Does UCaaS Mean?

Welcome to Ask the Experts, brought to you by In this video, Intelisys’ SVP Cloud Transformation Andrew Pryfogle answers the question, “What does UCaaS mean?” with the help of Masergy’s Director of UCaaS Maurie Munro. Find out more about global cloud networking platforms for enterprises from Maurie and the Masergy team here:

Andrew: Okay, guys. Time for our next Ask the Experts session. I’ve asked to come back into the studio again Maurie Munro, the Director of UCaaS for Masergy. Maurie, good to see you again, man.
Maurie: You, too. Thank you very much.
Andrew: All right, very cool. Maurie, there’s a lot of definitions flying around out there about what does UCaaS really mean? You and I have been in the hosted VoIP game for a long time. We now call this same thing UCaaS. It seems to encompass a lot more. If somebody, kind of a neophyte was to ask you, “Hey, Maurie. What does UCaaS mean?” What would your simple definition be?
Maurie: I think it’s simply the portfolio services that are offered that allow user productivity and collaborative experiences that reach far beyond the traditional VoIP or basic inbound and outbound calling. We’re giving you a portfolio of services that encompass everything from instant message presence, conferencing, collaboration; and when you combine that suite of services, you really do get unified communications as a service.
Andrew: Yep. Got it. That makes sense. It seems like it’s all the different ways that we communicate as businesses, all kind of wrapped together in a unified experience. The experience isn’t kind of disparate between them. Is that true?
Maurie: Exactly. The oversimplification of just VoIP, where we had that predominantly five years ago—without the additional services, that’s all it was. Now that these additional technologies have really become prevalent, I think that all the carriers are seeking a portfolio that can bundle the capabilities into customer implementations.
You subsequently get the UCaaS designation and it’s an important consideration. By no means should it be just VoIP. It is that simple suite of products that really gives customers the capability to come to a provider and obtain all the needs of their business.
Andrew: Yeah. Very cool. It’s the realization for me that there’s . . . The way we communicate is far beyond just the telephone–and how do I unify all of that into one experience, because where you’re at is where you communicate on any device, anywhere. Right? That’s the big value.
Very cool. Hey, Maurie, thanks man. Simple question. Great answer. I appreciate that. That’ll help our partners, I know. Guys, that’s Maurie Munro. He’s the Director of UCaaS with Masergy, one of our go to cloud-based UCaaS providers in our portfolio. Make sure you check out their learning center, guys. Learn about what they’re doing in the UCaaS space. They’re winning big deals in this space, especially with global deployments. Make sure you go deep and understand what’s unique about them. Hope you get some success with them, guys. Good selling.