CCaaS: Contact Centers of the Future

Companies are moving faster than ever, and demanding flexible, reliable, and scalable solutions like CCaaS to manage interactions with end-user customers. Contact center was a $22 billion global industry in 2016, now projected to be $407 billion industry by 2025. Cloud-based contact centers typically had between 8-10% penetration, but in the last five to seven years that has changed dramatically. Why?
At the 2017 New York Mindshare, Brandon Knight, Intelisys’ Cloud Evangelist, and contact center experts from InContact, IntelePeer, Five9, Serenova and West discuss the evolution of the contact center market, and the ways Sales Partners can win big with CCaaS opportunities.
So what is CCaaS, and how does implementing this solution help businesses?

  • Third-party cloud-based customer experience solutions allows companies to utilize contact center software
  • CCaaS allows companies to only purchase the technology they need
  • After implementing CCaaS, costs are typically reduced, while providing the capability for businesses to service end-use customers better

Watch the video below to learn common Contact Center pain points, the features to target when selling, and tips on how to close Contact Center deals.
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