Channel Outlaws: Interviews with Channel Heroes

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When the corporate world limits freedom, Channel Outlaws become heroes.
Channel partners, welcome to Channel Outlaws, our weekly podcast where we interview top performing Sales Partners. Transform your business by learning from the best of the best–and implement their successful strategies in your own business.

“We’ve learned there’s a couple of things you have to have in order to be successful in sales.” Jim Suss, LAM Technology

Each week host Brian Leonard, Intelisys’ Director of Marketing, interviews our “outlaw” top producers in the channel to uncover the strategies, tactics and best practices that top channel partners use to transform their businesses and achieve their lifestyles of freedom and independence . . . without limits.
Why do we call our top producers outlaws? Because they are the rebels and trailblazers who ditch the playbook, defy the rules and do whatever it takes to optimize business technology solutions and move society forward in an ever-connected world. They’re more important now than ever, as the channel reaches a tipping point.

“I could build a castle for somebody else who would eventually fire me or let me go . . . or I could build my own.” Ty Cukr, TDC Technologies

Listen to Channel Outlaws whenever and wherever you like–on your desktop, device or tablet. The first four episodes are available now:
Episode 1: Jim Suss, President of LAM Technology
Episode 2: Ty Cukr, Founder of TDC Technologies
Episode 3: Angie Tocco, Co-Founder of LanYap Networks
Episode 4: Chris Checksfield, President of Net7 Solutions

“My mistakes are my mistakes, but my wins are my wins.” Angie Tocco, LanYap Networks

Brian digs deep to bring you business building strategies, cloud strategies, daily habits, sales best practices, and more from the industry’s top producers. Each interview showcases the true outlaw nature of our Sales Partners as they build successful practices–and provide the best technology, cloud, and carrier solutions to their customers.
Find out how they have successfully made the pivot to cloud, built strong business partnerships, overcome challenges, achieved rapid growth, and much more.

“Don’t hunt with a shotgun; hunt with a rifle.” Chris Checksfield, Net7 Solutions

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