How to Harness Trust, Empathy, and the Word “No” to Become a Better Closer

When you walk into a negotiation or a sales meeting, you have seven seconds to establish two things: trust and competency. Chris Voss can tell you how to do both—and the answer isn’t what you’d expect.
At the New York Mindshare, Chris Voss, former Chief International Hostage Negotiator for the FBI, delivered a gripping keynote speech on how to succeed in negotiations, business and life. He discusses negotiation strategies and shares anecdotes, drawing on his 20 years of experience dealing with kidnappers, terrorists and sociopaths.
Watch the video to learn the FBI’s tried and true negotiation tactics, including how to coax a subject into a positive frame of mind, how to leverage empathy (“the most durable form of influence there is”), and how to craft calibrated “no” questions.
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