Congratulations StrataCore, Our Newest Platinum Partner

Congratulations are in order! We are thrilled to honored StrataCore as our newest Partner to achieve Platinum status.

May 1, 2020 was officially recognized as the first annual StrataCore Day! We were proud to celebrate this extraordinary milestone with the StrataCore team with a virtual celebration, complete with congratulatory cupcakes and champagne. In addition to the Platinum Partner award, StrataCore also received a “Trip for Two to Anywhere in the World,” all expenses paid.

Honoring StrataCore’s accomplishment offered a powerful reminder that unity is a driving force for success. Coming together as a remote team during these difficult times, our teams had the delightful opportunity to commemorate StrataCore’s achievements, welcome them to the Intelisys Platinum Partner family, and share memorable experiences from our eight years of partnership.

StrataCore is an IT Services Consultant and Broker for data center, connectivity, cloud, and security services, sourcing their complex IT services on a global scale. Building on the core values of hard work and commitment to the success of both employees and clients, the company delivers customized solutions and providing clients with expert insights to make informed IT decisions.

StrataCore has built a reputation amongst its clients for exceeding expectations for reliable and cost-affordable solutions, and they have built a community based on integrity and mutual respect. These strong core values are truly fundamental to their growth and success as an Intelisys Partner.

Congratulations on achieving this incredible milestone, StrataCore! We are grateful for our partnership, and here’s to celebrating many more successes to come!