Embracing Change is in our DNA

Intelisys’ SVP of Cloud Transformation Andrew Pryfogle addressed the theme of change in his Channel Connect 2016 keynote address.
What’s changing? A lot.

  • Technology is rapidly evolving, and our Sales Partners have always figured out ways to find new, exciting opportunities and help their customers adapt to these changes. Intelisys being acquired by ScanSource is changing our industry. Convergence is accelerating, and creating new opportunities for VARs and telecom agents as they begin to take advantage of this pivot.
  • IT solution providers are taking note of how the channel moves the revenue needle more than their direct sales strategies. As the supplier community continues to wake up to the value of what the channel can generate, the potential for growth and opportunities is increasing exponentially. What channel strategies will help our community continue to grow?
  • How do you position yourself for success around these changes? How do you prepare yourself and your business? What are some practical ways to increase your selling capacity, so that you’ll be dramatically better positioned for the changes that are coming?
  • Moving up market is becoming common–we’re excited to see convergence between customer demand and readiness, and our Partners’ ability to service them. Every week we see deals come across the wire that are well into six figures. Are you ready to move up market in your business?
  • Still today, over 80% of our cloud wins are coming from Cloud Services University attendees. We’re watching how improving your skills is leading to big spikes now in your cloud business, with more to come in the future.
  • One of the biggest challenges our partner community faces is recruiting. Attracting talent is important for top performers. How do you create an environment that is attractive to other top performers?
  • For the first time in our industry, there’s been a bar set and a formula built around what your businesses are worth. And it’s good news for the channel.

Our community is the best at embracing change. It’s how we’re built. Change is in our DNA. And the Intelisys team is here to help you make decisions about where you want to go next, and to find the opportunities that await.
Watch the video for a complete look at what’s in store for Intelisys Sales Partners and the channel community.

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