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Video Guidelines & FAQ: Please Read First!

Yes this video is longer than most. Intentionally. It’s also entertaining. The longer your client watches, the more bought in they are. We’re telling a story to get emotional involvement, not just pitching facts.

We had to choose 1 word to describe telecom agents, VARs, MSPs, consultants etc. We chose “Technology Advisor” to cover them all. We cannot change this name as its used in the video.

We do not include a company name and logo at the beginning on purpose. As a best practice, we don’t want to make it look like it’s “going to be a pitch”…less views that way. We hit them with the “pitch” at the end.

We make this video for Intelisys Global Sales Partners as a service to help you grow. They are extremely difficult to customise on top of what we’re doing in this form, therefore, we are not offering any customisations at this time.

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