How Partners can make a difference for end-customers during the COVID-19 crisis

As the world moves into another week of the COVID-19 crisis, I’m feeling lucky and proud to be part of our Partner community that continues to stand strong and make positive differences for their customers.

As Gerry Davis said in our first Taking Remote Action blog, the channel has a major opportunity to help people stay connected and keep moving forward during this stressful time. But as well as a huge opportunity, there is an incredible amount of responsibility: end-customers need reliable and fast solutions from Sales Partners to help them completely transition their businesses to remote operations. 

So how can Sales Partners stand out as that pillar of stability and agility that customers need right now? It boils down to the resources available to them, such as growth enablement tools, back office services, educational events, and more. This is where master agents come in to provide those tools and services to their Partners.

Our Partners have the tools
From discovery to deep-dive education, Intelisys has our Partners covered with the tools featured in Renegade. Identifying the right options for your customers is simple and streamlined with SupplierScope. Partners can get their orders processed efficiently using our post-sale tools–Virtual Order Assistant and Commissions Runs

Even with first impressions currently happening via webcam, toggling your CX Switch in MyIntelisys – your customer-facing online portal – is your one-click gateway into customer-ready content branded to your business. 

And when in doubt, if you have questions that need quick answers, you can submit a question to our MyIntelisys chat box. Intelisys experts will respond to you as soon as they see your message.

Our Partners have the people
No other master agent has the diverse group of people to help you like Intelisys does. Our Solutions Engineers are available to dive into whiteboarding, custom solutions, cross-selling, and more. The commissions team is actively monitoring your payments to make sure you get paid correctly and on time, every time. Our Partner and Order Support representatives are streamlining your business efforts. And our Channel Managers are constantly doing everything possible to get their Partners the right resources so they can provide their customers with the best solutions.

Our Partners have the portfolio
Our Partners can choose from over 170 industry-leading Suppliers for whatever their customers’ needs may be. For anything hardware-related, ScanSource’s portfolio of hardware is unrivaled, giving our Partners the ability to not only be the resource for all software, but to also be available to provide any physical components that are needed for success when working remotely.

Our Partners have the support
We want our Sales Partners to be limitless. It’s our culture to do everything we can to get you to where you want to be. Reach out to anyone at Intelisys, and we will do everything we can to get you the support you need, fast.

The entire channel is in a unique position, where Sales Partners can play a key role in keeping businesses, and more importantly – people – connected, from wherever they are. We’re in this together. We understand that Sales Partners need to pivot quickly due to the COVID-19 crisis. We’re here for you.

For more helpful information on how we’re helping our Partners help their customers go remote, visit our Intelisys Go Remote pages for information on COVID-19 relief-related offerings from Suppliers, the available resources from ScanSource, and more.