Intelisys Has Issued More Than $2M in Loans

Petaluma, CA (February 26, 2014) – Intelisys, the nation’s leading Technology Services Distributor, today announced it has made more than $2 million in loans to its Sales Partners through the Intelisys Partner Investment Program.
The Partner Investment Program was launched in the fall of 2010 and was designed to make working capital available to qualified Sales Partners for business expansion and client growth. The $1 million mark for the program was achieved two years ago in 2012. This new $2 million milestone today highlights the success and value the Partner Investment Program has had—and continues to have—among the Intelisys Partner community.
“We are thrilled to be in a financial position to assist our Partners in this way,” said Jay Bradley, President of Intelisys. “We will do whatever it takes to help our Sales Partners achieve their goals, and we truly believe the Partner Investment Program is one of the best ways we can accomplish that objective.”
This strategic program creates a unique and reciprocal relationship between Intelisys and its Sales Partners. The program offers a streamlined application process for low-interest business loans without impacting the applicant’s credit score. Financing is secured based on current and future commissions, and the loan repayment is triggered by the Sales Partner’s achievement of flexible milestones. In addition, exclusivity to Intelisys is not a requirement for participation in the program.
“The fact that we are working with a company that truly understands what we do only strengthens our relationship and allows us to get started on the growth of our business right away,” said Jeff Sumner of Corporate Technologies Group. “Not only did the Partner Investment Program allow us access to much needed marketing tools, but it also assisted us with salaries and developing sales tools. We are confident this will significantly grow our business.”
“Based on the success of the Partner Investment Program, we’re now doubling down on this strategy,” said Michael Ketchum, Intelisys Vice President of Finance. “We’re ready to fund the next wave of growth for our Sales Partners.”