Now and Next: Transitioning into the New Normal

Now and Next: Transitioning into the New Normal

Written by NICE InContact, published with permission.

Solutions to Support Customers Through the Work-From-Home Transition
As we step beyond the brick and mortar business into our new normal, the future is in the cloud. In the past few months, businesses around the world have had to rethink their daily operations. What started as a way to solve a momentary problem has quickly evolved into a new approach that will shape how companies run things for years to come. 

Immediately following countrywide stay-at-home orders, NICE InContact developed options to support the shift to a remote workforce, which included moving all agents home as well as anticipating and eliminating daily disruptions due to on-premises systems not built for remote work. 
Here are some of the offers available to support NICE InContact customers as they step into their new normal. 

  • Cxone@home

For a limited time, we are offering CXone@home, a no-charge option allowing customers to use NICE inContact CXone, our enterprise-grade cloud contact center platform. The CXone platform allows customers to rapidly and dynamically adapt customer experience (CX) programs, deliver a personalized journey across channels and touchpoints, and respond quickly due to the platform’s agile cloud infrastructure. Dynamic CX programs, personalized customer journeys, and agility are the key attributes of businesses that will thrive in the new normal.

We were able to successfully move contact agents home in 48 hours, letting them restore full business operations remotely in less than 7 days. Businesses are able to quickly adjust with CXone’s ACD/IVR, Voice Recording, Screen Recording, Chat/Email, QM Analytics, PM and WFM. The CXone@home offer is available until June 30th, 2020, so it’s not too late to get on board. 

  • Voice Call Ports

For heightened call volume for 211 and 311 organizations, NICE inContact is offering free voice call ports to through the end of the summer. Customers have access to pay-as-you-go pricing, with the flexibility to scale up or down rapidly, only paying for what you use. 

  • Business Continuity Planning

Keep agents safe and customers satisfied. We offer work free Business Continuity Planning review to verify that work from home and geographic flexibility can be performed without interruption to the business during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond.

The Future of Cloud-Based Connectivity
Companies will need advanced WFO capabilities to keep agents happy and productive, while delivering resources at the right time, on the right day, and for the right cost. NICE InContact’s remote solutions are designed to keep businesses working together from any distance. 
With NICE InContact, your customers have the ability to:

  • Keep agents safe with a cloud-native contact center built for work-from-home and virtual contact centers
  • Move fast to support customers by moving all agents home in under 48 hours and changing IVR flows and call scripts in minutes
  • Restore team productivity and performance with built-in-agent coaching and performance tools
  • Cut costs quickly and responsibility with improved workforce and IT efficiency 

As statewide restrictions slowly lift, we mark our transition into a future structured around cloud-based connectivity.

The Future of a Post-Covid-19 Environment
We now know agents and employees can be productive wherever they are located. Businesses are becoming more agile as we establish remote workforces and contact centers for disaster recovery, business continuity, and pandemic response. 

Our post-pandemic to-do list starts with embracing the new normal. With the help of our award-winning tech solutions, NICE InContact leadership will track team performance and improve agent retention. Remote working provides the opportunity for businesses to scale while remaining connected, with more flexibility than ever before. 

Step into the future with us!