How to Sell Cloud: Advanced Cloud Methodology Expert

Cloud has changed the traditional consultative sales process. Cloud is complex, but shifting to the new cloud sales model is easier than you imagine. Watch as Intelisys’ SVP Cloud Transformation Andrew Pryfogle examines the new Cloud Services University track, and how it will double your close rate when selling cloud solutions.

Suppose for just a moment that everything you know about consultative sales was wrong when it comes to cloud. I’ll let that sink in.
What if you could double, or even triple, your close rate when selling cloud solutions? What if it was easier than you could even imagine? Well, you can, and it is.
Intelisys Cloud Services University has launched a brand new certification track called the Advanced Cloud Methodology Expert, brought to you by Super9. What is Super9? More on that in just a bit.
Cloud has dictated a change in the way customers are buying. Cloud is complex and customers are demanding a new approach. The tried and true selling process we’ve come to rely on won’t cut it. The Advanced Cloud Methodology Expert certification track teaches you what, and why, and how to shift from the consultative sales process to a new cloud sales model, and provides actionable tips and methodology that, if adopted, will transform your cloud business.
The Advanced Cloud Methodology Expert certification is available thanks to Super9 – a three-day, intensive cloud training that was delivered live to a group of nine handpicked Sales Partners from nine different regions across the US. This training went deep, and it required a lot of active participation as it taught how to challenge customers on how to have these new types of conversations. The best part? We had three cameras rolling the entire time, with the specific intent of bringing this exclusive training to a wider audience . . . straight to you.
Dive in. Don’t wait. Learn how you can change your approach and conversations with customers to dramatically increase your probability of close when it comes to selling cloud.
Good selling.