Sell UCaaS Like a BADaaS

UCaaS has gone mainstream. Beyond basic telephony and PBX replacement, UCaaS helps end-user customers be “better, faster and quicker,” capture more revenue, and improve the customer experience.
At the Channel Partners 2016 Conference, Andrew Pryfogle, SVP of Cloud Transformation, spoke with a panel of experts from Masergy, MegaPath, Star2Star, Vonage, and West Unified Communications to discuss what’s new in the UCaaS and contact center space.
A business enhancing tool, UCaaS is improving how quickly companies can service their customers, transforming customer support and enabling the customer experience to differentiate businesses within their market. Integrating customer contact across multiple channels such as email, fax, voicemail, and social media allows companies to see and analyze multiple touchpoints across the customer experience journey. The explosion of mobility is driving the adoption of UC functions on smartphones is also enabling a remote sales force to do their jobs more efficiently, improving business processes.
Sales Partners can utilize UCaaS video collaboration features to have more face-to-face conversations with end-user customers, opening the opportunity to educate clients throughout the process and lead with value. Learn how solving a problem for one client in a vertical helps Sales Partners open the door to other prospects within that vertical, and to duplicate that success.
Check out the video below to learn how you can sell UCaaS like a BADaaS.