Subsidium Technologies Achieves Platinum Status with Intelisys

Subsidium Technologies Achieves Platinum Status with Intelisys
Subsidium Technologies Joins the Ranks of Intelisys Sales Partners Exceeding $1M in Recurring Monthly Billings
Petaluma, CA (June 25, 2014) – Intelisys Communications, Inc., the nation’s leading Technology Services Distributor, announced today that Subsidium Technologies has surpassed the milestone of achieving $1 million in recurring monthly billings. Subsidium Technologies is Intelisys’ fourth partner to achieve Platinum status.
“For more than a decade, I’ve admired the almost fanatical devotion that Subsidium Technologies places on helping, assisting and supporting their loyal clients,” said Intelisys Co-founder Rick Dellar. “Today we couldn’t be more excited for the Subsidium team. This achievement demonstrates that they truly are the absolute best of the best in this industry, and I look forward to helping them reach even loftier goals in the future.”
Subsidium Technologies has been an Intelisys Partner since its founding in 2002 by John Bova, CEO, and Ed Degenhart, COO. Headquartered in Clifton Park, NY, Subsidium Technologies provides businesses with comprehensive communications and data solutions and maintains a portfolio of more than 40 service providers. “We truly understand the level of sacrifice, commitment, and customer-focus it takes to join this elite Platinum club,” said Angie Tocco of LanYap Networks, the 3 rd company to achieve Platinum status with Intelisys.
“This kind of success doesn’t happen by accident. It requires years of blood, sweat and tears to rise to the top of an industry like they have. Honestly it is not at all surprising coming from a team like Subsidium Technologies. They are great guys and we are thrilled for them.”
As a reward for reaching Platinum status, Intelisys presented the company with a fully paid “Ticket for Two Anywhere in the World”. Intelisys covers all expenses for the trip and sets no limits on the final destination or amenities chosen by the Platinum Award winners.
“We closed 2013 with a 20 percent increase in revenue, and this year’s projections look even stronger,” Bova said. “Strategic, value-added partnerships—like the one that we have with Intelisys—are guaranteed to pay off, especially when you have a mutual goal that both parties are well-positioned to achieve.”
This year, Subsidium Technologies is projected to grow its sales by approximately 30 percent as the company serves customers in the government, education, manufacturing, retail, finance, and health care sectors.
“Ed and John really understand the strategic role that connectivity plays in this rapidly changing business environment,” said Rick Ribas, VP of Partner Sales & Development for Intelisys. “When you combine this knowledge and experience with their relentless commitment to service, it’s no surprise the company has surpassed such a remarkable milestone.”


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