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How Do I Sell CCaaS: The Ultimate Guide

By Christina Ballinger, Marketing Communications Manager

Smartphones. Social media. eCommerce. Applications. Mass adoption of these technologies has changed customer expectations. One negative experience is all it takes to lose a customer.  In 2020, 40 percent of customers stopped doing business with a company due to poor customer service.

How are companies boosting the customer experience (“CX”)? Contact center as a service (“CCaaS”) solutions. 

Customer service and customer experience are two primary gateways into CCaaS. There’s an opportunity to have a CX conversation with almost every client that you’re meeting with. 

Customer experience conversations naturally open the door to CCaaS solutions (and UCaaS solutions, but we will save that for another post). That’s one reason why Gartner predicts that CCaaS will hit mainstream adoption in less than two years.

But you still may be asking, “How do I sell CCaaS solutions to my customers?” 

In this post, we’ll provide an all-encompassing rundown of CCaaS presented through the lens of the sales journey. We’ll dive into the market opportunity, how to start your CCaaS Sales Journey and how The Intelisys Advantage supports your sales cycle.

How Do I Sell CCaaS?

We’ve outlined how to sell CCaaS solutions in six steps:

Step #1: Learn About CCaaS

The first step is to arm yourself with a little background knowledge about CCaaS. Don’t worry — you don’t need to become an expert on the topic right away. Our Solutions Engineering team and Suppliers are the technology experts and they act as an extension of your team.

What is CCaaS?

Contact center as a service is a cloud-based customer experience solution that allows companies to route inbound customer interactions to the appropriate call center agent.

CCaaS enables companies to buy the technology they need. In the past, only large enterprises had access to features like intelligent call routing and analytics. CCaaS delivers comprehensive, insightful, real-world data and analytics to businesses of all sizes.

Businesses can leverage CCaaS to: 

  • Activate new agents quickly, no matter where they’re located
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Use powerful data analytics to make smarter business decisions
  • Reduce cost
  • Enable infrastructure reduction, leading to reduced maintenance charges
  • Provide access to the fullest feature set
  • Reduce downtime
  • Scale to meet changing business needs
  • Support call, text, chat and more to communicate according to customer preferences

By leveraging cloud connectivity and automation, businesses can customize every aspect of the customer experience. Omni-channel solutions like phone, text, web, chat and social media provide seamless CX.

What are the other benefits of CCaaS? Check out this article from our Solutions Engineering team on the topic.

The CCaaS Marketplace

The global CCaaS market size was estimated at $3.48 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $10.8 billion by 2028.

In 2020, around 2.8 million people were working in call centers in the U.S. alone. 

Based on industry, the contact center as a service market is generally split into the following verticals:

  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (“BFSI”)
  • Consumer Goods and Retail
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • IT and Telecom
  • Real Estate
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Others

So, what industry trends are driving sales for CCaaS solutions? 

In the BFSI industry, CX is helping to drive the adoption of cloud-based customer service systems.

Customer demand in Consumer Goods and Retail and the rise of telehealth services in Healthcare are just two examples. 

Learn more about how to sell in vertical markets with Intelisys University (“iU”).

Who Is the Ideal CCaaS Customer?

Spoiler alert: There isn’t only one. The great news is that businesses of any size and in any industry see benefits with CCaaS solutions. 

Typically, organizations with these characteristics see benefits from implementing a CCasS solution:

  • Any type of business that communicates with clients or patients.
  • Companies operating inbound or outbound call centers.
  • Companies with an on-premise contact center solution looking to realize cost savings.
  • Customers who want better reporting and analytics on their customers.
  • Customers who want better management oversight for call center employees.

What else do you need to know about target customers? Read the Sell More CCaaS: What You Need to Know Today blog for more insights. 

Common Pain Points

You will need to think differently to sell CCaaS solutions because you’re not selling your clients on the technology. CCaaS solutions solve business challenges. 

You can be disruptive in the marketplace by going beyond “speeds and feeds.” Focus your conversation on solving common pain points. Here are a few to start:

  • Traditional contact center technology is built around the number of agents, the number of lines coming into the building and what those agents have loaded on their systems.
  • Forecasting agent staffing is necessary to react efficiently to market, seasonal or objective changes.
  • Multi and omnichannel options are critical as customers prefer to engage via email, chat, social media, etc.
  • Lack of BI capabilities, historical analytics and actionable information for decision processes.
  • New SaaS applications require integration to contact center workflows, creating a need for dynamic application-level routing.
  • Lack of dynamic decision call routing hurts agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Visit the Technology Guide in MyIntelisys to learn more about common customer pain points. And click below to watch the latest segment in our on-demand SE Webinar Series, Driving CX in a Digital World, where our experts talk about the top trends in digital and omni-channels and the proven steps to help your customers transform their digital strategy.

Step #2: Start Your CCaaS Sales Journey

A little knowledge can go a long way. Now that you’ve learned the basics about CCaaS, you’re ready to start on your CCaaS Sales Journey.

The Intelisys Advantage is here to support you through each phase of the sales cycle. Visit the CCaaS Sales Journey in iU to get started. The CCaaS Sales Journey organizes all content and tools that iU and MyIntelisys have to offer, displayed on a single page. 

We show you how to Learn, Prospect, Qualify and Present the right-fit solution for your customers.

Step #3: Learn How to Prospect for CCaaS

How can you win more CCaaS deals? Unlike many technology deals, selling CCaaS is a “business side” conversation. The focus should be 90 percent business and only 10 percent on technology. 

Start from the outside in capture the customer journey first. 

How do you do that? Deep dive into your customer or prospect’s website and social media for insights. 

How can you gather these insights and find the gateway into the sale? Check out the Sell More CCaaS: What You Need to Know Today blog.

Once you’ve done your research, the CCaaS Sales Journey in iU will equip you with the educational resources and marketing tools that support your CCaaS sale:

  • Access the right questions to ask your customers. 
  • Create your own branded video to use in your marketing efforts with our CCaaS Partner Branded Video. 
  • Use our CCaaS: The Key To Building Customer Loyalty Email Campaign Playbook to encourage customers to schedule a call.

Learn more about how to leverage our tools for prospecting in The Key to Selling CCaaS: The CCaaS Sales Journey in iU blog.

Step #4: Qualify CCaaS Opportunities

Once your customer shows interest in CCaaS, it’s time to build their solution. Where do you start? Ask the right pre-qualifying questions. Here are five sample questions that you might ask:

  1. Tell me about your existing call center environment. Do you have multiple sites and or remote workers?
  2. How do you manage agent adherence and scheduling?
  3. What features and functions are you looking for?
  4. What reports are you utilizing today?
  5. What does your business continuity and disaster recovery plan look like?

These are just a few of the questions you can ask to create optimal solutions. Rely on our tools and resources to help you and your customers source the ideal solutions for their needs. And don’t forget — our “Always On” Solutions Engineering team is standing by to help you with your opportunities.

Step #5: Present a CCaaS Solution to Your Customer

You’re ready to present your solution to your customer. We know this isn’t always easy. Put our platform to work and access the wide variety of tools in MyIntelisys to help. 

Let’s start with CX Switch. Engage prospects with a branded, customer-facing view of the MyIntelisys tools. Choose from a library of pre-created content or add your own. CX Switch helps you develop custom communications and introduce Supplier solutions.

With Share Content, you can share branded content with prospects. Select important information for your customer, brand it with your logo and deliver it on a private landing page. Customers can view this content directly without a log in.

The Technology Guide provides a customer view into multiple technologies. Access technology solutions by type, high-level overviews, ideal customer profiles and more.

See more tools and resources to help you sell CCaaS solutions.

Step #6: Manage your quotes, orders, customers and Supplier relationships

Congratulations! You’ve created the optimal solution and your customer is ready to proceed. Now what?

Take charge of your business with MyIntelisys. We offer tools and resources targeted to help you manage your sales process. Get expanded detail and visibility into quotes, orders and commission reporting. Track placed orders, expected revenue and easily escalate concerns to the right team.

Try our Quick Quotes to get budgetary pricing for select suppliers in five minutes or less. Not sure which Supplier to quote? Get smart recommendations based on your specific project details with “Who to Quote.”

The Virtual Order Assistant provides increased visibility on orders. This tracking tool allows you to add detailed records to your dashboard.

Want us to take a look at a particular order? Request an escalation for faster resolution.

With Commission Runs, you’ll always know what revenue is coming into your business. Verify current net billing, commissions and variances, plus see weekly commission previews.

The Intelisys Advantage

When you’re first getting started, your CCaaS sales cycle might feel complex or overwhelming. Our people and platform are here, every step of the way, to support you through each phase of the sales cycle. 

Our Suppliers, programs, tools, and resources streamline what’s complicated. Our strategic investments protect your business, help you sell more, maximize the potential of the market and grow.

Find everything you need to sell CCaaS in one place, from educational resources to comprehensive marketing campaigns. Together we can redefine success.

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