Three New Ways to Sell Verizon

In April 2017, we acquired Kingcom’s Verizon Partner Program assets and its associated support organization, opening the door to new opportunities for our Sales Partners.
Justin Noller, Northeast Region Channel Manager, breaks down three ways Sales Partners can make money selling Verizon.
Watch the video clip to uncover three paths to Verizon sales that probably exist right now within your own customer base and prospect list.

I’m Justin Noller. I’m the Northeast Channel Manager here at Intelisys. I cover New York and New Jersey. When I first started off in telecom, I started off with a company called Griffin Global and where we actually were an agent at one point.
We were selling Verizon as our main carrier but we were working with Intelisys selling Comcast, Charter, Windstream: all the big internet and network providers out there. We eventually realized that we could help Intelisys with Verizon, considering they didn’t really have a Verizon option.
Three Verizon Sales Leads You Can Tackle with Existing Customers
Verizon is a huge market right now. I mean, although you guys have been selling it for some time now, it’s a huge land grab still. You know, when you have customers that have been with Verizon for a long time; when they don’t want to leave. There’s three big areas where you can be pretty successful:

Technology Migrations: A lot of Verizon customers out there today are actually still on old technology and old systems that Verizon doesn’t want to deal with today.

Technology Refresh: As simple as it probably sounds, a lot of customers today are on an old legacy 100MB. You can simply sell the same 100MB, move them over to this new system that they have, or even upgrade them.

Technology Products: And another cool way that a lot of Partners can make easy money is by looking at their old Verizon customers, and seeing what products they have in terms of old PRIs, or if they have bonded T-1s, whether it’s one up to three bonded-T1s.

There are still a lot of old legacy customers out there, that are on really old products that have pretty much been decommissioned. Verizon has all of these new products out there that are bigger and better that essentially … It’s kind of like a Flex-T, but you know, it’s VoIP channels that are customized in a certain level, over a customized speed, which is kind of like the new PRI for them.

Discover Untapped Opportunities

So, what you want to look out for is those tech refreshes with all your customers, the technology migrations, and don’t be afraid of the big red beast, because they want to partner with you as well.