The Truth about Partnering: Alignment, Trust and Execution

At Channel Connect 2016 Chuck Mache, Management Consultant, Author and Owner of Chuck Mache Communications, spoke with Intelisys Co-Owner Rick Sheldon, President Jay Bradley, and Director of Sales Engineering Raymond Nelson about how Sales Partners can increase their selling capacity.
Using the ScanSource-Intelisys relationship as a case study, Chuck breaks down the three cornerstones of partnering that will bring real growth and change to your telecom and cloud business:
Alignment: In every relationship that you are building, have you determined if there is a fit in terms of vision, culture and strategy?
Trust: What is the vision for your company? As you are building relationships, can you express why they should join you?
Execution: Have you given the same amount of thought to how you’re building your partnerships, as you do to selling?
Chuck Mache also shares the #1 most requested slide by Sales Partners that have attended Intelisys Mindshares: Advancing or Stalling? 4 Keys to Watch. Learn what may be causing your deals to stall, and how to get the deal back on track.

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