Ask the Experts: How Do I Pool SIP Trunks in the Cloud?

Welcome to Ask the Experts, brought to you by In this video, Intelisys’ SVP Cloud Transformation Andrew Pryfogle talks about how pooling SIP trunks in the cloud increases call path efficiency with Star2Star’s Senior Vice President and Technical Evangelist Jamaal Savwoir. Find out more about customers can leverage SIP trunking in the cloud from Jamaal and the Star2Star team here:

Andrew: Okay, guys. We want to now bring in one of the experts in our University, a guy from Star2Star Communications, one of the sponsoring suppliers of the University, Jamaal Savwoir. Jamaal has a pretty cool title: Senior Vice President Technical Evangelist. Jamaal, is that right?
Jamaal: That’s right.
Andrew: Outstanding. Cool title. I love it. So we want you to evangelize a little bit here, and I want to ask you one specific question. We’ve been talking about SIP trunking in the past segment and I want to get your take on a really interesting feature or capability that exists in SIP trunking: this concept of pooling SIP trunks. It’s a unique advantage that you guys have, that you guys talk about a lot. Tell us about that feature, that capability. What is this concept of pooling SIP trunks?
Jamaal: Sure. Well, the keyword there is really the trunk part of it. It doesn’t have anything to do with the carpool lane, or a swimming pool, or any kind of a pool to win the lottery or anything like that. But if you think about the word trunk–in the TVM world if you want a phone call, you need a trunk. And typically that’s a physical connection to a single location.
With SIP, all of your call paths are really over that broadband connection–that multi-service point of entry that you have not only at one of your business locations, but at several of your business locations. So with a SIP trunk and a pool of SIP trunks, you can actually right size your communications spend. You can subscribe to a pool of trunks or a group of trunks–a group of call paths–that you can share among all your locations, get some economies of scale, some efficiency, and also start with different options on how those calls are delivered.
So really that pool allows you, instead of being locked into a physical trunk at a physical location that you only get one call at a time, you get a pool of call paths that you can spread across your locations and deliver communications to your business offices.
Andrew: Let’s talk about a use case for that. Suppose that if I had a customer that had, say, 50 users at a single location, all sharing maybe 10 trunks going to the outside world, those 10 trunks oftentimes are underutilized. Right? And so if I now have that across 20 locations or 50 locations, and I do the same thing, there’s lots of underutilized trunks in every one of those locations. It sounds like this concept–being able to pool them in the cloud, if you will–allows for you to have a much more efficient use of trunks. Is that a true statement?
Jamaal: Yes. That’s a very good description. In fact, think about the situation where you have high utilization at one location and low utilization at another location. With a pool of trunks, it doesn’t matter where the communications happen. The trunks are available.
Andrew: Yeah. Great example. And time of day must be a big deal. I can share; my East Coast offices use trunks earlier in the morning than the West Coast does, so that also can play a factor.
Jamaal: Certainly. You’ve got that “follow the sun” type of effect, where as your business offices open, the trunks follow them because you have a pool. Again, it’s a great concept and a great efficiency that you can enable because you have a cloud solution.
Andrew: Great stuff. Great expert kind of advice on how you can leverage SIP trunking by pooling SIP trunks in the cloud. Love to learn about that.
Guys, that was Jamaal Savwoir from Star2Star. You can learn more about them by going to the Star2Star learning center within the University. Jamaal is one of the expert faculty members in our University that we’re going to be pinging from time to time to get his expert opinion on different subjects. So make sure you check out his stuff. Jamaal, thanks.
Jamaal: Thank you.