Ask the Experts: ACD and Salesforce Integration

Welcome to Ask the Experts, brought to you by In this video, Intelisys’ Cloud Evangelist Brandon Knight discusses the importance of ACD and Salesforce integration for contact centers with Talkdesk’s Jesse Dailey. Learn more about CCaaS solutions from the Talkdesk team here:

Brandon: All right, guys. We’re in the studio again for our Ask the Experts section. I have the pleasure of having Jesse Dailey from Talkdesk here with me. How’s it going, man?
Jesse: It’s going terrific. Thank you.
Brandon: Awesome, awesome. Glad you stopped by. We’re gonna do this one a little bit different, because we’re talking about the integrations of ACD. We have a portal section in here in our certification that we’re going through. But Talkdesk is doing something very unique with their platform. And so I want to talk through that because I think it’s important that you understand it. So, let’s first start–I’m gonna start with the easy one, right?
Jesse: Right.
Brandon: ‘Cause you guys have hit a grand slam with your Salesforce implementation, your Salesforce integration. So talk to me about how that came about a little bit.
Jesse: Yeah. So a couple years ago we decided to make a big investment in Salesforce. We saw that the ecosystem was really moving there. A lot of customers are on service cloud, moving toward service cloud. So that was the impetus behind it.
But in order to make a really good Salesforce integration, you have to make an investment behind it, and you have to be very close with the product team. So we worked very closely with the Salesforce product team. They’re an investor in ours. And we built a managed package. So you can install Talkdesk into Salesforce, and then all the wiring comes pre-integrated. There’s some slight configuration you need to make in the UI–what do you want to fire, what automations do you want to work–and that’s it. So it’s completely codeless. We could have our Talkdesk integration running in a sandbox or production environment in less than 15 minutes.
Brandon: Right. Now that’s huge. I mean you know that.
Jesse: Yeah.
Brandon: That’s huge for this business. It’s huge for implementation. We’re seeing Salesforce more and more out there–
Jesse: Correct.
Brandon: I mean we know Salesforce is the number one. They’re the fastest growing company, right? They’re on the Forbes list, right? We know that. We know there are a lot of contact centers that are using them. So you guys went after the best of breed in the business. I think that says a lot about your product. What other types of things–I mean I see on your platform that you have the ability to integrate multiple points of data.
Jesse: Right.
Brandon: So, in addition to Salesforce, what other kind of things could people say, Talkdesk can do that, so to speak.
Jesse: Yeah. So we’re doing a lot of exciting stuff around integrations with our App Connect platform. So App Connect is our marketplace of applications which are pre-integrated into Talkdesk. So this would include workforce management, voice analytics, productivity tools. And what’s amazing about this is all these apps are one-click integrated. So it’s literally, you’d go through a wizard, just a few clicks and you have voice analytics deployed inside of your Talkdesk environment.
So we’re doing something that I don’t think has really been seen in the contact center space. It’s more like installing an app off an iPhone than having to bring in your professional services teams, talk about APIs, six to nine month deployments. We have taken down the barrier there. So we have one-click integration. The other thing that we’re doing that’s very unique is all of our applications are pay as you go, and offer a 30 day trial.
Brandon: Wow.
Jesse: ‘Cause what we saw was a lot of our customers were interested in voice analytics. Or they’re starting to really get the pain around workforce management. They want to implement it, but there’s so much risk involved with these projects. Just going through the sales cycle, going through the RFP. Is there ROI behind that? So we made a very easy try and then buy model, which just works out of the box.
Brandon: Yeah. Yeah. And I want our Sales Partners just for a second, because we are talking about a lot of integrations that go together with the ACD. I specifically started with the conversation around Salesforce ’cause it’s the biggest, baddest player out there. And everyone who’s using Salesforce is used to using Salesforce has an app exchange, so they’re used to going and getting applications to work with Salesforce. So you’ve simply taken that and applied that on the telecom side–
Jesse: Yep.
Brandon: Which creates a comfort level, so to speak, for the users that Salesforce has already. So–
Jesse: Yeah. Absolutely, it’s the same type of model, and then we applied it to an industry where it hasn’t been seen before.
Brandon: Yeah. So, as you can tell, I’m very excited about what these guys are doing. So thank you for being here, I appreciate your time.
Jesse: Yeah, my pleasure.
Brandon: I want you guys to get this. The integration of ACDs, what you can have them work with. It’s very important that you understand that’s out there. Take a look at these guys, they’re out on iCSU. And it’s important for you to understand how this works so you can explain it to a customer who might not use the right words. But I’m gonna tell you, the word’s flexibility. And adaptability. That’s what you have with these guys. So this is an opportunity for you to really show yourself as the expert for your customer, by showing them how all these things go together. So don’t forget, check out their information on iCSU.