Ask the Experts: How Do Next-Gen Portals Boost CX?

Welcome to Ask the Experts, brought to you by In this video, Intelisys’ Cloud Evangelist Brandon Knight discusses how next-gen portals boost agent and customer experience with Serenova’s John Charles. Learn more about CCaaS solutions from the Serenova team here:

Brandon: Here we go, guys. We have a special Ask the Experts segment here. We’ve been talking about next-gen portals. As you know from the certification, we’re talking about how we’re seeing this evolution of the agent portal becoming true multichannel experience for the agent. And I’m very excited to bring back into our studio John Charles from Serenova. John, how’s it going buddy?
John: It’s going good, Brandon. Thanks for having me.
Brandon: All right, good. I’m glad you’re here actually, because you guys have a product–and I don’t want to steal your thunder–but you guys have a product that is really exciting me about this whole push towards a unified agent portal. So, talk to us about CxEngage.
John: Yeah, so the CxEngage platform was really developed from the ground up, based on the omnichannel or multichannel aspect. Some of the channels that we support today are the common standard voice, email, web chat, SMS, but we also support social channels like Facebook Messenger. Then, there’s also new concept of this whole work item. So, it could be an Internet of Things event happening somewhere on the planet that we can actually put in to queue and just offer up work for the agent to do, just that work.
Now, the other thing is, is that we provided some toolbar interfaces that can be put in or embedded into a CRM application. We’ve also created what we call Skylight. That’s actually an interface for the agent that doesn’t have a CRM, so they can actually use our tools to manage their contact records and interactions. With this multichannel, one of the key things is being able to move amongst channels at any given time.
So, as an example, maybe they’re on a voice call, and the call gets hung up, maybe by a poor mobile carrier. The ability for the agent to maybe switch to SMS to see if they’d like to continue communicating on that different channel. So being able to pivot amongst those.
Then finally, it’s really being able to allow the customer to create whatever they want. So if they don’t like my toolbar, or if they don’t like my Skylight interface, they can actually go off and build a complete integration using all of our backend API channels, very similar to what our good friends at Electronic Arts have done. You can imagine what they do for a living; they make interfaces, or user interfaces. They saw my nice demo, and they said, “Man, we got this, so we’ll go off and build our own.”
Brandon: Wow. Wow. So, you guys can see why I’m excited about that. Can you imagine the experience for the customer when they’re able to move between various methods of communication. The contact center agent doesn’t lose a beat, they just move along with them. What an awesome experience that would be. And for the agent themselves. Being able to stay in one UI, and be able to carry that conversation from start to finish. So I’m very excited at what’s going on over at Serenova.
John, thank you for taking some time to share that with us. For those of you out there, if you want to find out more about CxEngage, and Serenova in general, please check out their site on iCSU.