Ask the Experts: What are the Benefits of Open Source?

Welcome to Ask the Experts, brought to you by In this video, Star2Star Communications’ Senior VP of Sales Skip Lane discusses the advantages of an open source platform and the ways it helps Sales Partners maximize their opportunities. Find out more about unified communications from the Star2Star team here:

Hello. This is Skip Lane, Senior Vice President with Star2Star Communications. Thank you for joining the UCaaS certification training. We’re going to talk about, during this segment, open source, which Star2Star’s platform is built on; and the advantages, thereof, that you get from having an open source platform in the VoIP and unified communications space.
Star2Star developed its own technology in and around an Asterisk platform originally, and now is operated on a FreeSWITCH platform. This gives us great advantages, and I’ll list them out. Number one is, obviously, there is a huge economic benefit by us owning the technology, and owning our own open source, and having our own developers. That is, we don’t have to pay license fees to another manufacturer, such as a Broadsoft or a MediSwitch. And then we can keep our costs down, for our customers, as low as possible.
Another huge benefit is having our own development staff, right here in the United States, and not offshore. We can literally develop features on the fly for our clients, in a record fashion. As opposed to waiting for a manufacturer–such as Broadsoft, or MediSwitch or other–to come out with a feature that a potential customer has, or an existing customer may need, for us to win that business. You, as an Intelisys partner, can know that Star2Star’s going to take that feature set requirement, spec that out, send it to development, come back with a price, very, very quickly, and turn that around for you and your perspective client.
As recently as two weeks ago, we just did that with a client that was quite large, that needed geographic routing based upon the inbound number. We took it to spec. In four days we had the requirements written, and literally had a delivery in three weeks, start to finish. And by the way, at no additional cost for this client.
As you can see, open source does bring many values that drive customer acceptance, that allow our Sales Partners, such as Intelisys, to be able to go out and do custom solutions, if needed, to assist and to help in winning that business against some of our competitors. One of the other things, as well. As you know, as most companies we have a road map, a new feature functionality coming out. Web conferencing is one of those for the third quarter this year.
As we talk to and listen to our partner community out there, of what they’re needing in the marketplace and what they need to better compete, we can literally drive those to market much faster than we would ever get, and going to a Broadsoft or a MediSoft and having to wait for those new feature enhancements to be developed.
Those are just a few of the advantages that open source delivers with Star2Star, and allowing our partner community to better be able to compete. If you need more additional information, certainly you can go to the microsite, there on the Intelisys website for Star2Star, and get additional information.
Thanks for joining, and have a great day.