Grow your Business with Google and Microsoft Cloud

The greater cloud market is forecasted by the IDC to be $500B by 2020. According to a Synergy Research Group report, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM and Google combined control over more than half of the worldwide cloud infrastructure service market, and they continue to grow rapidly. How do you identify Google and Microsoft cloud opportunities, and grow your business?
At Channel Connect 2016, Jason Cutler at SADA Systems presented an in-depth look at enterprise cloud solutions from Google and Microsoft.
Learn the watchpoints and questions to ask when you talk with your customers to uncover more opportunities in these areas:

  • Email solutions
  • Collaboration tools
  • Videoconferencing/messaging tools
  • Data centers
  • Big data
  • Storage

Dive deep into the Microsoft Cloud products, including Office 365 Enterprise Suites and Microsoft Azure, as well as Google Cloud products like G Suite, Google Cloud Platform and Google Maps.
Learn more about the digital transformation and where it’s going, and how to transform your business ahead of the next wave.

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