How to Deliver the “More” Your Customers Demand

Customer lifecycle management is evolving rapidly. Enterprise customers are demanding more from their cloud and telco partners. They expect visibility AND access—and in some cases, it’s even become a requirement.
If you haven’t seen it yet in your own business, you will. We hear our Sales Partners talking about it more and more.
Keeping track of all your cloud & carrier customers, suppliers and inventory is critical. Yet the bigger you grow, the more difficult it is. Excel won’t cut it when your business is growing too fast. Staying organized with a cloud-based asset management system allows your company to gain visibility into your sales, assets, and projects.
Customizing a CRM can be a hassle. Most aren’t configured to manage your telecom and cloud infrastructure and processes. Your business isn’t a bank or a manufacturer. You need a CRM tracking your cloud and carrier prospects that fits your MRR model like a glove.
Transform Visibility into New Revenue Opportunities
What if you could organize your entire business in one asset management system and CRM? What if you could easily brand it, relabel it as your software, and provide your clients access to it?
Suppose your clients could log in to your CRM system securely and view their assets, locations, circuits, contracts, suppliers and everything they buy through you for each location. Do you know how much enterprise clients are already paying for that benefit?
Go Beyond the Typical CRM
Audex 360, a cloud-based CRM and asset management system, has disrupted the traditional CRM model. Designed exclusively for telecom and cloud trusted advisors in mind, Audex 360 provides Sales Partners with the visibility and access their customers demand, and much more.
Patrick Hess of Revolutions Per Minute (RPM), one of our Sales Partners, is an early adopter of Audex 360. He recently revealed how Audex 360 has revolutionized his business:
Patrick Hess Audex 360Deliver the “More” Your Customers Demand
Audex 360 provides the tools, resources and support to help RPM manage customer requirements, provide visibility and increase their value to customers.
Patrick Hess Audex 360Your customers want more . . . Audex 360 delivers.
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