Sales Guide: Letter of Agency

It’s your job to help your clients make the best decisions. At Intelisys, we’re here to support you through each phase of that journey. That includes giving you the tools and best practices that build and secure your business. 

A letter of agency (LOA) streamlines the sales process and empowers you to clearly outline your customer relationship so that you can manage expectations, ensure alignment and protect your business. 

What is a LOA?

A letter of agency (LOA) is a legal document that allows a company to register an agent to act on their behalf. This document can clearly outline what your customer expects of you and enables you to:

  • Place orders
  • Discuss, coordinate or arrange services
  • Make service modifications
  • Conduct ongoing service management 

A LOA document will also often give you permission to access business details that are vital to the success of the sale. This could include the client’s proprietary network information, billing records, services records, network equipment records and more. These permissions will significantly speed up the sales process and enable you to conduct excellent customer service. 

Finally, a LOA will note that the customer is responsible for any and all orders placed by you on their behalf, further protecting your business.

Why You Need a LOA

A formalized letter of agency streamlines your sales and helps you successfully manage your relationships in several ways. In particular, a LOA will: 

  1. Show that you have official authority from the customer to work on that account
  2. Open a conversation with the customer so they understand the nature and scope of your relationship
  3. Protect  you if the customer makes incorrect claims or forgets the scope of your relationship
  4. Alert the Supplier that you have the right to make the sale on behalf of the customer

A LOA is a simple and effective way to consistently outline your business relationship and authority with each client. Ultimately, having expectations clearly defined fosters strong relationships and speeds up each sale.

LOA Best Practices

A letter of agency doesn’t have to be a complicated, multi-page document. Keep it simple so as not to overwhelm your clients or cause undue concern. Clearly outline the expectations of your relationship and the work you’ll be doing, but don’t worry about going into specifics.. 

Using a LOA template can help you quickly spin up new LOAs so that they become a fast, simple part of your new client onboarding process. Be sure to review the template with each use to ensure it covers specifics for that partnership.

Check out our LOA Template

Let’s put this plan into action. Download our fully customizable letter of agency template in Intelisys University, today. 

This template allows you to include your personal information, logo and any additional partnership specifics you’d like to add. This is a quick and easy way to conduct best business practices while still having time to focus on the sale.