The Hardware Opportunity

The Hardware Opportunity

By Michael Sterl, Senior Vice President of Partner Success

The formula for Hybrid IT Distribution is simple. Hardware + SaaS + Services. 

We believe this is where the puck is going and it’s the reason why we’re evolving the traditional linear model of technology distribution by proactively connecting the dots and offering unprecedented access to hardware, software, connectivity and cloud services solutions. 

But we’re not doing our jobs if you are closing deals for cloud-based solutions, only to miss out on the opportunity to earn commission on the associated hardware purchase. 

Yes, we don’t want you to walk away from a single deal. But even more important than that, we want you to be the first point of contact for anything your customer may need. 

Focus On the Opportunity, Not the Margin

The advisor that can link hardware, SaaS and services is the one that’s going to get the first call from a customer. 

You are in the business of identifying the opportunity for a solution to solve a business challenge. Devices, fixed services, cloud, SaaS applications, all of these added together is where the puck is going. The advisor that can build solutions inclusive of all is the advisor that’s going to get that first call. 

Conventional wisdom has us conditioned to focus on widget itself. We need to approach the hardware conversation differently and instead focus on it being the comprehensive solution to the challenge. Regardless of the margins, the simple fact is hardware complements cloud services. 

By integrating hardware into your portfolio, you’ll be protecting your relationship with your established customer base. 

Add to that routes to market for the end customer continue to evolve. Why wouldn’t you want to enhance the value you bring to the equation? 

Today’s Hardware Opportunity

Yes, non-VAR sales partners can sell hardware and earn commissions with us. 

No, you don’t need a resell certificate to do this. 

Through Network-Value, you can earn commissions by selling select UC hardware like headsets and video bars. We will provide your customers with a link to a website where than can self-select hardware at market competitive rates. 

When they make a selection they apply the unique promo code, provided by you, to complete the sale. You get paid the commission. It’s that simple. 

Don’t ignore the questions about hardware from your customer. Instead, open the door to a conversation. 

What’s Next?

Carve out time to call your BDM and have a conversation about your interest in selling devices. This isn’t just a headset play. There’s so much more to it and your BDM is ready to walk you through it. 

Or take a moment to watch this webinar in iU. In 30 minutes our Hardware experts Hunter Edmisten and Jamal Purvis share practical methods for selling the full technology stack, creating new upsell and cross-sell pathways and expanding your addressable market.

In my next blog post I’ll explain why, while the commissions for full stack sales are the driving force, there’s another angle that’s just as important.