Winning Together: Five Reasons Intelisys is a “Best Place to Work”

We recently won the North Bay Business Journal’s Best Places to Work Award for the fifth year in a row. How have we built such a powerful company culture? It’s our commitment to “winning together” through colleague teamwork and mindful practices that support engagement and employee opportunity.  Here are a few of the things we actively focus on to help make Intelisys a best place to work year after year. 1.  Employee Appreciation and Engagement  Every organization needs to ensure its employees feel connected, engaged and appreciated, but it’s especially important when they work remotely. Our dedicated employee engagement team, the FISH Crew, works hard to make all employees feel appreciated and to foster a sense of community.  What is the FISH Crew? Based on the bestselling book, “Fish!: A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results,” the FISH Crew helps to create a culture that not only succeeds and meets goals, but exceeds expectations and thrives. Living the FISH! Philosophy and building a culture of playfulness encourages colleagues to think proactively and creatively about possibilities and ways to maximize results. During a recent employee engagement survey, our teammates named the FISH Crew and the great work they do as a significant benefit that helps them stay engaged, feel appreciated and boost interactions with coworkers.  A few recent FISH events include:
  • Coloring Day 
  • Fun themed trivia (Pirates, Batman, Hobbit, Star Wars, Friday the13th and many more)
  • Murder Mystery Event
  • Holiday parties
  • “Give Thanks” Thanksgiving charity drive
  • March Madness
  • Smoothie Day
2.  Company Credibility Having a company that employees and customers alike can trust is paramount to being a great place to work. The scope of this extends from the company-wide up to the individual actions of managers. Intelisys puts a strong emphasis on company credibility and according to our employees, it’s paying off. More than 85 percent of people who responded to a recent survey said that management takes actions consistent with the vision and promises of the company either frequently or always. 3. Respect for Employees A company is nothing without its employees and we work hard to never forget that. Fostering company credibility and emphasizing employee engagement and appreciation is part of our overall respect for our employees. But we make sure employees feel appreciated and respected in more tangible ways as well. To make sure our employees are as healthy, happy and successful as they can be, we provide a flexible work environment and a robust benefits package that includes mental health resources that go above and beyond what many companies provide. 4. Encourage Promotion and Career Growth You don’t keep making a “Best Places to Work” list with high employee turnover. Our five-year tenure on North Bay Business Journal’s list speaks to our dedication to keeping employees happy and fulfilled. To increase employee satisfaction and longevity, we ensure we offer career growth and internal promotion opportunities. We want our employees to take their knowledge and skills and growth professionally within our organization. We currently have 18 open positions within Intelisys alone, and many employees have experienced career growth through internal promotions.  5. Camaraderie Among Employees Working remotely can make it difficult to form meaningful bonds with coworkers. Through thoughtful employee engagement events and a mindful meeting approach where we strive to not only hear but see each other during discussions, Intelisys has given employees the opportunities to form friendships among coworkers.  Our employees help create a sense of camaraderie as well, working hard to create a welcoming and supportive environment. Nearly 90 percent of people who responded to a recent survey said that there is a socially friendly and welcoming atmosphere among employees. ​​We empower one of the largest and most experienced support teams in the industry to think strategically about how they can operate as an extension of our Partners’ businesses.