Checking In on the Hybrid Workplace Opportunity

It was starting to happen before the pandemic hit. Some offices in certain industries were testing out the idea of people working from home a couple of days a month. Then, in 2020, out of necessity, everyone seemed to come on board at once. 

Now, two years later, it’s a brand-new world where hybrid workplaces are fast becoming the primary office model. That means organizations will continue the migration to the cloud and the integration of easy-to-use collaboration software. This sea of current and potential new customers will be asking you for guidance as they navigate these new hybrid waters.

We’re Here to Help

Before the pandemic hit, we were helping prepare you for the acceleration to cloud and as-a-service models. It was one of the driving forces behind our new and expanded relationship with Cisco that allows you to offer their innovative, award-winning Webex portfolio – including calling, meetings, messaging, and select devices – to your customers. 

This arrangement opened the door for new growth opportunities in UC and cloud, aligned with the recurring revenue model.

JR Cook, our senior vice president, strategic relations, recently sat down with one of our Sales Partners to talk about how the addition of Webex to our roster of Supplier Partners has had an impact on their portfolio. 

Dena Colombo is the senior manager of collaboration for Insight, a client-focused integrator focused on recommending the most appropriate solution for their customers — without the binding of a single technology, platform, or vendor.

A Platform for Connections

“We’ve been spending a lot of time helping our clients make the shift from on premise networks to moving to the cloud,” Dena shared. “Cisco has made a solid investment in the past year-and-a-half, making Webex truly best in class – making it a solution that offers a true customer experience that’s really engaging. So, as we’re all remote – we’re sitting at home and in different places – Cisco Webex allows us to still have that important connection.”

The addition of Cisco builds on a successful 14-year relationship between ScanSource and Cisco. Webex is trusted by 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies, providing fully integrated calling, meetings, messaging, file-sharing, and even whiteboarding. 

Intelisys has invested resources to establish an experienced team of professionals that have a comprehensive knowledge of cloud and communications as a service, including an understanding of the Webex solution’s value proposition.

Opening Up Opportunities

“Bringing Cisco into the Intelisys portfolio and being able to offer that model of consumption for our clients was huge and very important to us,” Dena continued. “It’s opened up opportunity to customers we really didn’t have access to before and we’ve seen a lot of growth and a lot of expansion in that short time already.”

Dena concludes by sharing how this new model helps her team do more. 

“Intelisys has been able to provide the resources that we need on the presale side. They do the heavy lifting that typically our engineers would have to do and drive those conversions with our clients. We consider the Cisco and Intelisys support services as an extension of our team, which opens the door to so much more opportunity.” 

Click HERE to watch JR’s interview with Dena. 

Visit the Cisco Webex MyIntelisys page to learn more about the solution, connect with Cisco resources and/or request a quote today. 
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