Intelisys Announces $1 Million Prize: Drive for 5!

Intelisys Announces $1 Million Prize: Drive for 5!
Intelisys Finds Channel Growth Inspiring, Issues New Challenge to Sales Partners
Intelisys Communications, the nation’s leading Technology Services Distributor and the only one focused exclusively on supporting the Channel’s top producing Partners, has today announced an ambitious new promotion for its Sales Partner Community: Drive for 5!
Drive for 5!, which will officially launch April 1, 2015, has been designed to award one Intelisys Sales Partner $1 million for being the first to achieve $5 million in monthly net customer billings.
“We take great pride in supporting the most accomplished Sales Partner community ever assembled in the Channel,” said Intelisys co-founder Rick Dellar. “Intelisys is the home where top performers come to excel. It’s the place where we know, without question, that $5 million in monthly recurring revenue is an achievable goal. Drive for 5! is one more example of our continued commitment to investing back into our Sales Partners to help them grow their businesses and achieve their goals.”
In 2008 Intelisys issued a challenge to its Partner Community to be the first to achieve $1 million in monthly net billings. In 2011 NetSource Group was the first Intelisys Sales Partner to hit the target, and was awarded a trip for two anywhere in the world. Since that time, five more Intelisys Sales Partners have hit $1 million mark, proving to Intelisys and its Partners that the opportunity for growth in the Channel is much bigger than anyone believed.
“Our mission has always been to provide unrivaled support to the industry’s top producers, said Jay Bradley, President of Intelisys. “And from day one, it has been core to our DNA to take notice and celebrate the successes of those top producing Sales Partners who manage to stand out from the others, break through barriers, and achieve what others say cannot be done. Today we put forth this challenge, pledging our allegiance to back every Sales Partner ready to strive for this goal; and we look forward to celebrating with them when one takes home $1 million.”
As with any new Intelisys initiative, Drive for 5! was inspired by the tenacity and drive of the Sales Partner community that aligns with Intelisys to succeed and meet exceedingly audacious goals. The challenge has been issued, and the entire Intelisys team looks forward to celebrating, with our Sales Partners, the reaching of this new historic milestone that will redefine what’s possible in this quickly converging Channel.
Full details on the program will be released on the official Drive for 5! launch date of April 1, 2015. To read Jay Bradley’s blog on Drive for 5!, click here.