Intelisys Cloud Services University Launches Cloud Sales Certification Program

Intelisys Cloud Services University Launches Cloud Sales Certification Program
The Only Cloud Certification Program Built Exclusively for Channel Sales Professionals
Petaluma, CA (February 18, 2015) – Intelisys Communications, Inc., the nation’s leading Technology Services Distributor, today announced the launch of their new Intelisys Cloud Services University website that offers Telecom Agents, IT Solution Providers, MSPs and VARs multiple certification tracks and Cloud sales training. The certification program is complimentary for a limited time and attendees will have no obligation to become an Intelisys Sales Partner. These exciting programs are just one of the differentiators Intelisys has continued to offer.
Intelisys Cloud Services University is the only online education center built exclusively for Channel sales professionals. The new University is significant for everyone in the Channel, because in 2014, 89% of Intelisys Sales Partner Cloud wins came from those who participated in the Intelisys Cloud Services University. The evidence is clear: Cloud education leads to more sales.
Intelisys is partnering with over 40 experts from the nation’s leading Cloud Suppliers to offer certifications for 6 tracks:

  • Telecom Solutions Professional
  • Advanced Data Networking Solutions Professional
  • UCaaS Solutions Professional
  • Network and Data Security Professional
  • Cloud Computing Solutions Professional
  • Advanced IT Management Professional

The Telecom Sales Professional Certification is now live, and will be followed by the Cloud Computing Sales Professional Certification launching March 16, 2015.
“The epic shift to the Cloud is growing exponentially, and as more professionals enter the arena, it’s becoming more challenging for end users to differentiate the good Sales Partners from the great ones,” said Intelisys’ President Jay Bradley. “These certification tracks allow those Sales Partners who put in the time to learn best practices to truly stand out from their competition and subsequently sell more Cloud services.”
Intelisys Cloud Services University is headed by Andrew Pryfogle, Senior Vice President of Cloud Transformation at Intelisys. Pryfogle is an early pioneer in Cloud technology adoption and a thought leader in the industry.
“Intelisys Cloud Services University 2014 was a huge success, and we recognized the demand to expand it,” said Pryfogle. “This certification program will empower everyone in the Channel committed to learning best practices to benefit. We’re in a window now where we’re not charging for the certifications because we know that a win for one company in the Channel, is really a win for everyone…rising tides raise all ships.”
In addition to certification tracks, Intelisys Cloud Services University offers:

  • Tools, resources and training tips from industry leading Cloud minds.
  • Strategic education tracks on both technology and sales best practices for each technology.
  • Monthly video training that features collaboration with Andrew Pryfogle and several leading Cloud technology experts.
  • Monthly video case studies that show how Sales Partners closed specific deals, created solutions with the supplier’s technical team, and retained happy lifetime customers.

Steve Gerhardt, President of D&M Enterprise Group and an Intelisys Sales Partner said, “Our clients count on us to lead them into the Cloud with confidence. In turn, we count on Intelisys Cloud Services University to ensure that we are ahead of the curve on Cloud sales and technology best practices. We attribute a significant portion of our rapid 2014 Cloud sales growth to our knowledge gained through Intelisys Cloud Services University.”
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