Introducing the Intelisys Technology Orchestration Partner Program

To maintain our standing as the largest and fastest growing technology distributor in the channel, we recognize we must continuously challenge our approach and identify opportunities to help you grow. Living at the center of the solution-delivery channel, we’re consistently refining an orchestrated experience that is simplified, streamlined, and informed by insights. 

Our mission empowers us to bring new ideas, concepts, and programs to the table, and today we’re sharing details about our new Technology Orchestration Partner Program (“TOPP”). 

TOPP is designed to improve your access to expertise so that you can gain deeper insight into a customer’s technology stack and deliver high-value solutions and support that will help solve increasingly complex business challenges.

It’s an Extension of Resources, Not a Replacement

TOPP will support your sales journey needs no matter where you’re at in the cycle. It’s an enablement platform to achieve new levels of success. 

It’s true. Our roster of subject matter experts on the Solutions Engineering team are some of the most respected in the industry. They have solid reputation for supporting complex deals with technical perspectives, insights, and knowledge transfer. 

That support will not change. 

But we recognize that not all deals are created equal. Some require the support of a generalist. Others benefit from the insights and expertise of a specialist. And now there’s the emerging category of opportunities that are successful only with the right team of domain experts. 

By engaging a Technology Orchestration Partner through our program, you now have access beyond traditional services to a broader range of strategic, value-oriented offerings that are in high demand. 

As we continue to streamline and expand the resources available across commercial models, TOPP triggers immediate opportunity for not only agents, but VARs and MSPs, to garner benefits that best fit their business models. 

Reimagine Your Opportunity

TOPP features Industry leaders with deep expertise and, more importantly, proprietary resources that are above and beyond the standard reach of most channel partners. By providing access to these resources, and access to enhanced support options, you can purse complex opportunities that require specialization and expertise and speed up the purchasing and implementation cycle. 

We’re evolving technology distribution by proactively connecting the dots and offering unprecedented access to the hardware, software, connectivity, and cloud services solutions so you don’t have to walk away from a single deal.

Keep an eye out here. We will have some exciting news to share on the heels of launching TOPP.